This is a presentation I did in Portland, OR in 2013 at the WEBVISIONS conference, a technology & communications outfit. My mission was to give a brief overview of the history of American Comics. Given I had about 30 minutes, it's real topline and MUCH is left out but I tried to emphasize the impact of comics on the American culture, in hopes of reaching the widest possible audience.
(I'm thinking of turning this into a book. Whatya think, gang?)
This is another WEBVISIONS presentation from 2013, this time right here in NYC. My focus for this was on how technology and its advances have impacted our society and means of communicating amongst ourselves. It begins with the Stone Age, so it's a VERY quick trip through the millenia. Hope you enjoy!
If either of these (Keynote) presentations do not show up properly, or you cannot see the text that accompanies each slide, try accessing them from SLIDESHARE, where they are originally posted.
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