Well, this one was fun. I simply asked Jim Lee if he'd like to work on something together and he said Yes (to my surprise and amazement). What was most excellent was the style he rendered the story in. Very different from his tightly controlled superhero work. It was so open and loose. It gave the colorist Tad Ehrlich a lot of room to work with and he did a spectacular job. 
PS: I lettered it because I thought the writer had the best sense of how to treat the dialog and captions. Done that on all the short stories I've done. Being an experienced graphic designer helped  ;^]
Writing/Letters: Richard Bruning, Art: Jim Lee, Coloring: Todd Ehrlich
Needless to say, all images and their attendant words are COPYRIGHT DC COMICS, yo.
I only art directed the cover. The amazing illo is by Phil Hale. Still scary. Logo's awesome too but I don't remember now who did it. Sorry!
Of small note: during my tenure at DC I fought to get the masthead off the front pages of all the books. Big ugly.
Finally (after this): Mission Accomplished!
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