I've worked on more than just comic covers you know. I've done everything: business sets, film posters, CD covers (what's that??), catalogs, and much more. Also did a whole bunch of trading cards, when they were a (big!) thing. Unfortunately, a great deal of my work samples were lost to a basement flood (BooHoo!) so I'll add more as I can find them, if I can.
DC Comics
I was onstaff at DC (during my first run there) as Design Director when we started this series up. As I was also acting as the head of Collected Editions (we didn't have too many back then) it my job was to create a format that could be used infinite times with infinite characters. Oh boy.
Fortunately, I was a smart enough art director to commission the Amazing Alex Jay to design the book series, which served DC very well ($$) for dozens and dozens of Archive editions. Once the company got to reprinting material such as "Everyone Loves Binky" many years later, they bailed on this expensive product line. Wisely.
Imago Records
Ah, Henry. Ze Poet. This was done SOME time ago. How long ago? Well, long ago enough that creating these realistic looking letters on this barbell weight was a big, bloody deal in Photoshop. Nowadays, these kids do it with the push of a button. Bah. Humbug.
Believe it or not, trading cards were very much in demand during the early 90s. Like you wouldn't believe. And they paid very well too. I did at least three sets I can remember: this Sandman, a separate Vertigo set and a Batman Masterpiece collection. They were a lot of work but great fun to do.
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