I created these little suckers a LONG time ago and they became quite popular. They used to be referred to as the Marvelous Fruits & Veggies (before being advised by my legal counsel that I could expect a letter from Disney attorneys as soon as I pushed these onto the web). Hence, the Magnificent Fruits & Veggies. Big diff.
Ah well, I can see how easily one could confuse Captain Avocado for Captain America. Anybody interested in seeing more of these guys? I got a million of them. And they ARE for hire, if you need them to sell a product, like beer or cars or anything…
SUPERSQUASH! Playing around with color and such. Any excuse to stay in Photoshop (where I pretty successfully inked this) 
Ah, dear Supersquash. You'd have thought that parodying Superman via the Magnificent Fruits & Veggies would have been one I'd have done long ago, but alas, he's late to the party.
'Nuff Said, eh, Stan?
Believe it or not, this Eggplant chap actually appeared in CEREBUS #13. Mind you, it was in the letter columns and I have no decent copy of that art but still… 
Dr. Squange, Master of the Mystic Mayhem
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce CAPT. MAN-GOE!
And here's the Gang that started it all. Unruly bunch.
The MightyLame Avengetables!
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