These are a few of my favorite… logos.

Logo created for Karen Berger's new comic/graphic novel imprint with Dark Horse Comics. May 2017.

Created for BERGER BOOKS' comic series written by Anthony Bourdain & Joel Rose   June 2017

Logo created for BERGER BOOKS series, MATA HARI   April 2017

Logo created for BERGER BOOKS graphic novel, INCOGNEGRO-A Graphic Mystery   May 2017

Logo created for BERGER BOOKS series, INCOGNEGRO-Renaissance   June 2017

Released with the launch of the DC Comics imprint in 1993 and still very much in use today, this is still one of my own faves. It has graced all the comics and books from this imprint of DC Comics, as well as all licensing, TV shows and films.
Co-designed with Joshua Beatman
They were heady days… In the early 90s, for three years I was asked by a different convention each year to create a new logo for them. I think it was first ChicagoCon, then WonderCon and finally, the big boy, San Diego. Happy to say the latter two are still being used to this day.
DC Comics
sigh. What can you say?
I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute the logo for this book. We all wanted to do something.
Rarely have I felt so helpless as during those dark days. Being in NYC at the time was… no words.
Introduced in 2005, this was the first revision of the company's logo in almost 3 decades. Referred to as the "DC Spin", it graced all of DC's comics and book covers, licensed products, TV shows and films.
Designed by Joshua Beatman of Brainchild Studios/NYC and art directed by SVP-Creative Director Richard Bruning & VP-Design Georg Brewer. 

When DC Comics changed its logo for the first time in 30 years in 2007, this is the motion version that appeared at the front of BATMAN BEGINS and subsequent shows and films, until the disastrous redesign in 2012 (oops, was I not supposed to say that? Well, sour grapes and all). Here is the animated version of the new logo (which was designed by Joshua Beatman of Brainchild Studios/NYC, art directed by Richard Bruning and Georg Brewer). It is only lacking the wonderful score by Dynamic Music Partners. (I'll try to fix that someday.) © 2007 DC Comics
Theatrical Logo: Design and Production by the amazing Imaginary Forces, Art Directed by moi.
DC Comics
The logo from my Prestige Format series. I did the design and my stalwart companion, Curtis King, executed it and the rest of the book's design masterfully. Always liked the energy it had.
One of the first (the first?) of the official logos for this esteemed group. 1995 or so.
Design by Tim Zach & Richard Bruning

Co-designed with Tim Zach
Well, this series was a designer's delight (as at least it was for me). The stories ran in 4-issue/chapters for which I'd redesign the logo treatment and cover design to suit each storyline. Working with the amazing photographer, Gavin Wilson, we'd collaborate on each cover image, often combining and manipulating multiple images to create the final. 70 issues/covers, plus an Annual, it was one of my favorite design assignments ever.
Swamp Thing
DC Comics/Vertigo
It was one of 50 different logos ol' Swampy has had over his long career. Trying for something different.
Jonah Hex Two-Gun Mojo
DC Comics
This was done for a five-issue miniseries that was collected as a book with story by Joe Lansdale, pencils by Tim Truman (Hey, Tim!) and inks by Sam Glanzman.
I should note, for no good reason, that I designed the book collection and went crazy with Photoshop, my new scanner and anything with a texture that I could slap on the scanner bed. Seemed like a good idea at the time!
Speaking of Vertigo Visions and the illustrious PREZ (a very odd book from DC back in the early 70s - right?) this was revived by a very young and innocent Ed Brubaker for a mid-90s retake on the character. Definitely less corny and tonedeaf as the first attempt was back in the day. (But that's not hard)
Done for one of numerous subsets of Vertigo. It's kinda crude and but also kinda cute. 
This label was put on certain books in the 90's which were Vertigo's take on very obscure DCU characters (like PREZ, THE GEEK, DR. OCCULT, SUPERBABY -- no, just kidding on that last one!) 

HELIX Comics logo
DC Comics
I designed this and the cover designs for DC’s short-lived science fiction imprint that launched in 1996. Originally to be called “Matrix” (imagine this logo with that word instead) until, at the last moment, we were informed by Warner Bros studio (DC’s parents) that they were putting out a little film by that same name. Hence, “Helix”. (I wonder whatever happened to that film…) TM+© DCComics
Always liked the idea of using an octagon as a graphic device.
One of the early Vertigo successes written by Pete Milligan and the beginning of a bright career for artist Chris Bachalo.
Always wished I had just filled in the counter of the D black. This way it's an unnecessary distraction.
Done for the Vertigo limited series.

MAN-BAT logo
Created for the DC Comics Prestige Format series by writer Jamie Delano and artist John Bolton.
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