Cartoons, cartoons, cartoons

This is a random selections of cartoons done in the Distant Past, when dinosaurs and typesetters walked the Earth plus brand new hilarity! Yo!

Most of these need no explanation or introduction. (At least they shouldn't if I've done my job right!) I have sketchbooks filled with these. Who were they originally done for, you may ask. Me, I'd answer, though some were paid gigs.
11/29/14 A new character - FLANGE! I wonder what kind of misadventures he'll fall into…
WOW! A Blast from the Past! 
I recently uncovered some VERY old sketchbooks of mine, much to my amusement. I thought I'd share a page so you could see what a young teenager drew like. (Eh, not much better today)
If I can bear it, I'll post some more, just for the fun. Enjoy!
And, no, I don't remember this characters name. I think it was my updating of Flash Gordon. And ironically, I wrote the Sunday Flash Gordon newspaper strip back in the 90s!
Sept 26, 2014
The above actually saw print in a DC Comic as part of the formerly illustrious WHO'S WHO series back in the 80s. I did a few others (if I can find copies!) Masterful inking by Karl Kesel.
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