A unique horror comic from world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, co-written with his GET JIRO! collaborator Joel Rose, PLUS a dozen great artists from around the world. 
1st issue published February 2018. Book published September 2018.
Comic & book logo and publication design
An amazing story or murder and racism in the Roaring 20s Harlem by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. This is the prequel story to the powerful graphic novel INCOGNEGRO: A GRAPHIC MYSTERY. (see below) 
1st issue published February 2018. Book published October 2018.
Comic & book logo and publication design.
One of the best graphic novels about racism in post-WWII America. New edition in hardcover form. By Mat Johnson & Warren Pleece. 
Published January 2018
Logo and Book Design
Dave Gibbons, co-creator of WATCHMEN, wrote and drew this fascinating look at the British Mods of his youth, transformed into a modern tale of conflict, friendship and love in a deluxe, over-sized hardcover. Featuring over 30 pages of additional material I designed showcasing the developmental art and thinking behind the book. Logo by Dave Gibbons. 
Published May 2018
Book Design
The powerful semi-autographical graphic novel by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, reissued in this 10th Anniversary TPB Edition, with new material. First Berger Book with French flaps, as all future TPB releases feature.
Published September 2018.
Logo and Book Design
Hungry Ghosts™ © 2017 Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose. Incognegro™: Renaissance © 2017 Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. Mata Hari™ © 2017 Emma Beeby and Ariela Kristantina. The Seeds™ © 2017 Ann Nocenti and David Aja. The Originals © 2017 Dave Gibbons Ltd. She Could Fly™ © 2018 Christopher Cantwell and Martín Morazzo. Olivia Twist™ © 2018 Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva, and Emma Vieceli. The Alcoholic™ © 2018 Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel. The Girl in the Bay™ © 2019 JM DeMatteis and Corin Howell. The Berger Books logo, Dark Horse Comics®, and the Dark Horse logo are trademarks of Dark Horse Comics, LLC. Berger Books™ is a trademark of Karen Berger. All rights reserved.
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