In the early 90's (remember them?) I created a new direction for the old DC Comics mainstay, ADAM STRANGE. Originally published in a 3-volume Prestige format series and then a collected graphic novel: "The Man of Two Worlds(well, he was!). Fortunately, for this neophyte writer, I was blessed with two of the fastest rising artistic stars in the comic book business at that time, penciller/inker ANDY KUBERT & colorist ADAM KUBERT (who normally pencils & inks).
Now they are both seasoned "old" pros, who draw some of the best stuff DC and Marvel produce, while also running The Kubert School, started by their amazing (and unfortunately late) father, Joe Kubert, to help people learn to become better comic artists.
Please note, this is pretty early work from them, which looks great but they've only gotten much, much better. Frankly, it's hard to find copies of this collection these days, so I guess you could call it a "Collector's Item"!
Anyway, here's a five page sequence. Enjoy!
All of the above pages are TM & © 1990 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.
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